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The Origin of Poway Street Names

While driving the roads of Poway, have you ever wondered where the street names originated? As with most cities, clues can come from pioneer families, famous people, geography, landmarks or just made up names related to events of the time.

Here's a quiz to test your skills on the origin of 20 street names in Poway.

1. In 1870 Costanos was appointed postmaster and installed Poway's first post office in his home.

2. Solon grew peaches, apricots and pears in Poway's north valley region. Selling most of his land in 1883, Solon moved to San Diego and in 1885 partnered with the famous San Diego horticulturist Kate Sessions in the purchase of the San Diego Nursery.

3. This pioneer family homesteaded in southeastern Poway along what is now Garden Road. Clement was the second doctor to arrive in Poway.

4. This Irishman arrived in San Diego by mistake. Philip is believed to have been the first white settler in the Poway area around 1859.

5. This forgotten town east of Poway once had its own school district and post office.

6. Ralph and his father Norman ran a successful dairy in Poway in the early to mid 1900s and sold dairy products along Poway Rd.

7. Almost 90 years before the deli of the same name, Andy was playing on the Poway Baseball Team.

8. The family home was moved from Garden Road to Old Poway Park.

9. Born to Poway grape growing and wine manufacturing parents, Carl flew P-47s with the 86th Group 527 Fighter Squadron during WWII.

10. In 1883 Louis moved to Poway, becoming the town's first medical doctor.

11. Born in Poway in 1887, Fletcher later moved north and was Mayor of Los Angeles from 1938 to 1953.

12. Although Spanish sounding, this name was coined in 1920 after the union of the three school districts in the area.

13. Mealing stones left by early Native Americans that inhabited the area.

14. Max built the first tract homes in Poway in the late 1950s along Pomerado Rd. called "Poway Valley Homes."

15. In 1886 John was the first person to be buried in this cemetery that is named in his honor.

16. A road named by Ed van Dam that connects the cities of Escondido, Poway and Lakeside.

17. J.C. and J.C. Jr. arrived in Poway in 1889. Each bought twenty-five acre farms near Espola and High Valley Roads. Crops of fruit and vegetables were grown and marketed in San Diego.

18. Known by the early natives in the area as "here, the waters meet."

19. Once a route for the stage heading to Escondido.

20. The only numeric street in Poway.

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