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Old Photo Album

Can you help PHMS identify the people in this album? This album provides quite a history of some family and surely there are descendants who can identify them. It could be the basis of an interesting story.
The History:
This photo album was sent to a Mr. Wells in San Diego from a Mr. Goodall, Dubois, WY. Here is part of what Mr. Goodall had to say:

"This is the album as I found it ; about fifty years ago. It was among some trash lying outside what appeared to be a tiny deserted shack.... That seemed disrespectful so I carried it home and put it in a box where it has remained with some other curio's."

".......I don't know whose property I may have been on when I found this but I don't recall seeing any signs or fences. I had driven in on Pomerado Road a mile or more and walked into a wooded area where I thought it would be possible to see the Poway area. This was when I was developing an interest in real estate."
Photographer Studio Identifications on some photos:
G H Grahm, Salmanca, NY; G H Ford, Corunna, Mich; J H Langhans, Little Valley, NY; Pruddenr, Jamestown, NY; Brummitt, Pontiac, Mich; Hulbert, Armada, Mich
One photograph had the following written on the back:

Taken Oct 18/'71

It has been deduced that the '71 has to be 1871. The reasoning is as follows: Mr. Goodall had stated 50 years ago. If the date was 1971, then it would have been about 20 years after he found the album. Research has shown that the first photographs (although poor quality, etc.) were made in 1826. And final reason is that the clothes seen in the photos certainly were not of the 1970's.